September 21st, 2010

From Twitter 09-20-2010

01:55:21: Having a scary, difficult, and painfully honest conversation. Without the tiniest bit of drama, or justification for my fear. #specialmoment
01:57:32: I went to see Dances With Elves special edition tonight. Mostly because it won't be as good on DVD, and I only saw it once in the theatre.
03:37:12: I found places for a bunch of my racing trophies in the house tonight, and have some ideas for ways to present even more.
03:38:02: 5 months now, and maybe soon I'll be finished moving in? *giggle*
11:00:44: I didn't feel it yesterday, but my triceps and lats are really sore today from the trapeze class on Saturday. I need to hang looser.
13:29:54: @MaryRobinette @matociquala Oh and there I was thinking you had given Jesus a mountain spring scent and a bit of bounce.
15:00:15: @neilhimself I'm not sure the argument has merit. @larrymarder's logic is even more inconsistent than his grammar.
21:47:54: Hung my paintings around the house today. Moved two dozen racing trophies out of storage and onto the mantel too. OMG I may be moved in...

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