September 4th, 2010

From Twitter 09-03-2010

18:00:51: I've gotten spanked for lack of craft.
18:14:12: Awesome. The luddites who don't understand that computers tabulate their paper votes have lost.
18:41:54: I'm glad I went to the WSFS business meeting. Most of the things I voted on were very close votes. But I'm sad to miss the panels I missed.
19:02:24: Thanks to the person browsing their photos with loud beeps on each move. All of us in the Selling Short Fiction panel appreciate her. #aus4
22:38:36: A new change. I found myself enjoying the editing process this morning, which is new. I used to love writing and hate editing. This is good.

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Hotel with working Internet access to replace Pensione?

I'll be checking out of the Pensione today. I need to find a replacement hotel that has working Internet service. Although inexpensive is preferred, I care a lot less about cost than functioning and competent Internet access.

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EtA: I figured out the right combination of commands to change the wifi mac address on my laptop and now its working fine. So yes, they had blocked the MAC address of my MacBook. Sweet.

So Pensione Internet is still very slow, 1-2 minutes to get a web page to start downloading, but its functional. Skype video is working decently enough.

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Getting spanked hard for lack of craft.

I got some feedback on Descending Pitch that I would really have preferred to ignore if just one person said it. Unfortunately I heard the same thing in various forms from both writer friends and the most novice of readers.

Did everyone dislike the villain? Yes.
Did they like the victim? Yes.
Did they understand the plot, the complications and the consequences? Yes.

So what was wrong? Across the board, everyone told me they wanted to like the villain more.

*The mind boggles.*

But I can't ignore it when I got the same complaint all the way across the board. So now I'm struggling to build more depth into the villain of a story that is already 15% too long.

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