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September 3rd, 2010

From Twitter 09-02-2010

00:00:05: #aus4 has managed to produce information desk, but still has no clue where rooms P1 - P3 will be tomorrow. #fail
04:24:05: Namaste indian food on King Street is inexpensive and delicious. #aus4
06:26:53: The yawns have caught up to me. I go to fall in their embrace.
16:06:29: 8 full hours of sleep. That might be 1 hour of catch-up on missed sleep. Hopefully can nap a bit today.
16:07:02: is finding the conscious mind to be a bit of a tyrant lately. It need not be present at all times, truly. I must convince it so.
16:49:31: We’ll crack the aliens’ tongue, solve their mining problem, and be back doing the media circus within 96 hours. #wip
20:12:54: I just ran into Susan, who I did the writer's workshop with at Anticipation last year. She sold the book we reviewed. Woot!
20:26:09: P1 is right 3rd of plenary (door 7-8) whereas P3 is left-most doors. Read descriptions on the monitors as they aren't labeled. #aus4
20:26:25: Morning program has been fantastic so far (for me)
23:40:43: I spent 3 hours cutting hard on Descending Pitch. Prose is much improved, story is much better. And I got... 224 words off. *headdesk*
23:41:46: Descending Pitch draft is out to 1st Readers. Short and snappy, I hope to wrap this one up quickly.

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600 words new on Descending Pitch

I did those 600 words on Wednesday actually.

Descending Pitch is starting to pull together as a real story. I think I'm going to add another 5-600 words today to get all the major plot points in place and then try to cut it back to 3k words when I'm done.

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Descending Pitch gained 998 total words since I've started working on it, or a full 33%. Now I've started the process of trying to pull back 1000 words from it. I really want this story below 3k words. We'll see if I can do it.

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Cutting back is hard, hard work.

I spent 3 hours cutting hard on Descending Pitch. The prose is much improved, story is much better. I'm very glad I did all that work. And checking word count I find... 224 words off.

That's less than 1/4 what I had hoped to remove.

So I'm learning that (a) this is hard and (b) I'm really not certain that I can operate in a format this small. This is such a very small story, with only 2 characters and a hell of a lot of tell instead of show to keep it snappy. And I'm still straining hard to get below 3600 words.

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