August 27th, 2010

From Twitter 08-26-2010

11:10:55: Through customs in New Zealand. Taking bus between terminals to catch 7am flight to Wellington.
11:32:24: I had an ideal flight. Was completely booked, except for my row :-) I had row to self but shared it with a nice gal whose tv didn't work.
11:34:06: I watched two movies and otherwise slept. I have to admit, I love flying. Waking up in another country is always awesome.
11:55:50: Window seat for hop down to Wellington. See many of you soon.
13:01:17: On the ground in Wellington. Now to determine transit options to the Quality Inn.
14:01:18: I'm in room 126 at the Quality Inn. First mission, coffee. Second mission, register for Au Contraire.
14:24:52: @CherylMorgan Free wifi in the Quality Hotel too.
15:45:17: Just fixed all my Au Contraire calendar entries. Oh, gcal and your woeful lack of useful timezone support. Or at least bulk move...
15:52:24: Strolling around Wellington to get my bearings. It's cool here, but not cold. (Although I'm sure Nova would beg to differ if she was here)
18:55:33: I'm about to head out for some local food. Anyone else here in Wellington want to make a jaunt?

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Don't hold my beliefs strongly. I don't!

A good friend recently mentioned that he was concerned about some of my more emotional analysis posts. He said that he didn't disagree with them, but he was concerned that I didn't realize that they reflected perhaps a more transitory state than I seemed to accept them for. (you know who you are, feel free to correct me if I got this wrong)

So I wanted to point out for the record that I believe my statements are valid for about 60 seconds on either side of when I posted them. And given that many times I am writing in the journal just to get the thoughts out, so sometimes the ideas just flow out of my fingers and seem right... so perhaps just 60 seconds after I post.

Or maybe not even that much.

Anything I post here is a snapshot. A frozen moment in time where I am considering X and thinking Y. By the time you've read it I may already have thought of new things too. It's all transitory.

But I also want to say something important to me too. If you have concerns about what you read in my journal, please speak up! Please comment there, or drop me an e-mail. Let me know what concerns you.

I would like to hear these things sooner. Thank you. Love ya.
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State of the Jo

I am doing well. I am happy.

Happy that I continue to lose weight. Happy that my foot is healing, and I can go back to exercising soon. I miss rock climbing, I miss yoga. I miss the challenges.

Challenges. Work has been challenging, but fun. It's definitely making me up my game on multiple fronts. Delivering good solutions with changing requirements is always hard. I find it harder than I want to stay positive in interactions. And on learning how to say no, I simply can't complete this without running myself ragged.

Ragged. Yeah that about sums up how I've been running myself. I'm back to not sleeping, but this time it's for all of the historic reasons -- too much to do to stop. Got to fix all that, and find time enough for love.

Love. Yeah. Wow. I have no idea how to even start there. I didn't expect it. It continues to blindside me. It's fantastic.

Fantastic. My life is. It's amazing, and I wouldn't change a thing if I could. I'm enjoying every minute.