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August 5th, 2010

From Twitter 08-04-2010

01:35:51: Being shown than she can adjust her step and hold my hand while I am using crutches. #specialmoment
12:24:34: ADHD has been getting in the way of productivity lately. I plan to find some time to meditate tonight.
12:27:22: @mortefina I actually prefer non-matching blacks these days.
12:54:43: RT @bonniegrrl: If you're against gay marriage being made legal, unfollow me now. It'll save me from using the block button in the future.
15:34:11: If you are having a hard down viewing the full text, get it from my site unaltered http://www.jorhett.com/35374462-Prop-8-Ruling-FINAL.pdf
16:44:51: If you read nothing else, read the Findings of Fact. Clear good sense. http://bit.ly/ccLcMU

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