June 21st, 2010

special moments

I'm going to start tweeting these so that I make sure I do them every day.

Thursday special moment was a neat lunch with coworkers. I love the net head team.

Friday special moment was a quiet moment holding Darla.

Saturday special moment was a fantastic hug given to me by a dear friend.

Sunday's special moment was having my back lightly stroked.
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party pictures coming soon.

Sorry I don't have the party pictures posted yet. Flickr Uploadr is going me a weird error: no decode delegate for this image format

Flickr Uploadr is including and depends on ImageMagick, which does have the JPEG libraries. And it parses the photos -- it backs out and complains on some photos, but will load those and complain about others the next time I try. So it's really unclear what makes it so unhappy.
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sell me some art for my website?

I need some website help for my personal website -- www.jorhett.com. shodoshan was going to do something for me, but it went well over a year without anything happening and that's unlikely to change now ;-)

I just want a fairly simple background and perhaps a menu template. Perfect world -- just give me a Joomla template. Easiest method? Just give me a nice background image and I'll do the rest.

If someone is willing to do new art I can retain for the website, I'll totally pay for it.
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