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June 14th, 2010

Reviewer's crits integrated for Children...

The reviewers' critiques for Children have been integrated, barring a few things that I need to think about when I'm not so tired.

The story is off to the writer's group.

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Appreciating our special moments.

After an enlightening conversation with someone who is becoming a very good friend, I'm going to take his advice and start recording a special moment every single day. My life is really good right now, and all of these things are special.

Friday's very special moment was sharing a quiet moment with Suzanne and her husband.

Saturday's very special moment was a long, engaging conversation with Lance at the El Sol winery.

Sunday's special moment was a long, engaging conversation with Kory at the Coffee Society.

And today's very special moment was sitting in my own backyard, sharing breakfast with my dogs this morning before packing up and heading in to work.