June 8th, 2010

Jo has free time!

In several conversations with friends over the past few weeks, I'm come to realize that in years past I've been so completely overbooked that my friends have apparently come to assume this is always true.

Actually, the job I did of getting rid of things that weren't making me happier has been entirely successful and I'm managed to take a lot of stress out of my life in the last few years. I have a *LOT* of free time these days.

In particular, my next motorcycle race is Sep 5 -- which I will miss because I'll be at WorldCon, and then November 6th. I'm no longer doing RenFaires with Krys, so my weekends are pretty much wide open. And my weeknights have always been fairly open actually.

So... revise your brain ;-) If you want to hang with Jo, drop me a note! I have tons of free time these days, and enjoy spending it with everyone who reads this journal. In particular I have *NO* plans this coming weekend, and would love to be included in something fun.

EtA: okay, some plans are starting to form. Citadel on Friday night maybe? And a daytime thing on Saturday. But Saturday night and all of Sunday remain open. And I could be convinced to do something else on Friday ;-)
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