June 7th, 2010

Reviews of Point of Entry excellent!!

So I submitted a really-really-unfinished copy of "Point of Entry" to the anticipation writer's workshop, and the reviews have finished coming back.

They liked it, Mikey, they really really liked it!

Now, they did have serious problems to point out -- but I knew those problems already. Like, it doesn't have an ending ;-) And that means that some of the foreshadowing is confusing. And it still has a large bit of white room syndrome (it's all character drama right now). Yep yep to all that.

But not a single person found the dialogue to be unreal, the situation to be unreal or unworkable, or really anything that has been tossed at any of my previous first drafts before. I knew that my revised drafts had solved a lot of those problems, but this is the first time that a new draft (in pretty rough form) has gotten through unscathed.

I'm taking this to mean that my craft has improved enough to get past those basic hurdles consistently. Sweet!!

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