April 23rd, 2010

Dangit I wanted to race!

Unfortunately being an adult is hard sometimes. Or being mature. Or something like that.

Last week I realized that there was a mini-bike race this weekend at a racetrack that I'd never been to. Looking at the results this season, I realized I could show up and collect trophies. New track, fun crowd, trophies -- what could be bad about this?

Unfortunately, the truth is that I was ... well, ignoring reality.

1. I'm not done moving into my new house. I'm not even close to done.

2. I'm weeks behind on writing. WEEKS.

3. I have 4 open tech projects that are waiting on me that I haven't been following through on.

And really -- I'm going to be at the racetrack 3 of the next 4 weekends. Do I really, truly need to spend 4 weekends out of the next 5 at the racetrack?

Sad truth is that I need to grow up, be mature, and deal with my responsibilities -- not run away and play because things are hard right now.
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