April 14th, 2010

You know you're a fan when...

So I had a *LOT* of boxes. I thought I had enough boxes for everything in the house, maybe. Or close enough.

I'm done boxing... of sorts. And I did run out of boxes. What got boxed? My science fiction. That's it. Oh I stuffed a few technical books into the very last boxes, but yeah... 20 something file boxes completely full of fiction.

I suspect this may quickly become Move Fail.
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Moving Party, Saturday at 11am.

Moving Party this Saturday at 11am. Less alcohol, more food. Well, less alcohol until we are done anyway ;-)

I have moved everything breakable, all the motorcycle gear, and a lot of other stuff besides. This is really just "load up the furniture, drive down, unload the furniture". I'll have the truck there by 11am. Based on my experience we should be done by 3pm.

If you are good at maneuvering furniture down a staircase with a turn in it, I really need your help.

If you are good at logistics for packing the truck, I could use your help. I'm *very* good at this, but I suspect my big self will need to be moving furniture.

We'll have pizza or thai food or whatever the group wants waiting for us in Sunnyvale. And alcohol, but we should stay sober enough to get to Lance's birthday party ;-)
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