April 10th, 2010

Going 100% Internet for TV -- Apple TV, Mac Mini, Boxee on Ubuntu?

So after facing the excessively high costs for satellite TV in the face (for what I use it for, which really isn't much) I'm seriously considering going with an internet-only add-on for my TV. Why?

1. The american announcers for Motorcycle Racing aren't interesting. The British announcers are much better educated and more fun to listen to. And I can't get that from any Cable or Satellite Service.

2. A lot of the things I want to watch just aren't shown on our TV. British Superbike for example.

3. A lot of the things I want to watch show up 6-12 months later here in the US.

On the ethical bit, I feel that right now with what I watch, I would be perfectly fine. I can't possibly pay for things that nobody will sell me (British Superbike) and if I buy the DVD box sets for the few SciFi shows I watch, then I feel that I've met all the ethical requirements.

The ethical requirements are actually very important to me. I never want to steal from content creators.

So -- how many of you have done this? How does it work for you?

My concerns:

1. I don't mind paying for TV shows (ie Apple TV) but if that quickly ads up to more than Satellite Service....

2. True HD quality. I love my big HD TV. I'm very happy that almost all providers are sending full HD quality this year. Trust me, it matters for both SciFi and Racing, which is about all I watch. I really don't want to reduce my viewing quality.
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Opinions of AT&T U-verse?

The pricing for AT&T U-verse is very competitive. $109/month for the same channels I watch for TV with DVR service, plus 12mb Internet service.

Satellite Service will cost me $90/month plus $35/month for DSL plus $15/month for standard phone line = $150/month.

I'm not sure I love the idea of dealing with AT&T customer service. My experience with them in the past has been horrible. And listening to shodoshan have to call them and go through stupid routines to rebuild her DSL service setup (the only diagnostic function they actually support) seems like a horrible idea.

Do any of you have this? How do you feel about it?
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