April 6th, 2010

open house party this weekend?

So when I only got like 3 responses to the poll I guess I assumed there was no interest in an open house party in San Francisco. From the number of people who have recently pinged me about it, I'm reconsidering.

If you are interested in coming up to my house in San Francisco this weekend for an open house party, I'm serving lots of good wine and some cheese and crackers, please reply to this message and let me know.

In particular, I'm leaning towards having the party on Sunday the 11th probably from 11am until 4pm. Let me know if Saturday would work better for you.
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Back from the races... and off to the (moving) race.

Gah it's coming up so fast. 10 days now until I move. I've been making van-loads every day down to the new place and I plan to have a lot of stuff moved early, but 10 days still seems somewhat frighteningly soon.

If any of you have boxes you're willing to lend me, let me know. I'll come pick them up from you.

In particular, packing materials for protecting nice glasswork and wine glasses, etc would be really nice.
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