February 6th, 2010

A Heavenly experience? Eh... not so much.

So Krys and I went up this weekend to try out Heavenly Mountain Resort. Krys had been there many years ago in the past and found it fun. The lift ticket pricing was well above average, and the map of the hill seemed huge -- so it looked like fun. Today... yeah, not so much.

Heavenly is a few slopes interconnected by long long flat trails. You just hunker down and carry all the speed you can, or you find yourself walking between the slopes. As a matter of fact, I ended up giving Krys a tow between many of the slopes today. (Snowboarders can't just walk the way skiers can, and with Krys's bad knee it was really painful for her)

Heavenly Green is actually Flat. Heavenly Blue is actually Green. And the few fun Black Diamonds I found had heavy, random location moguls. Yeah, moguls are a blast for skiers, but random moguls make building a rhythm impossible. Add 6 inches of powder laid down in the heavily overcast morning while we were there, and you have randomized moguls that you can't see very well. Heavenly desperately needs to hire someone to think about their paths.

It was not fun. We stopped for lunch to catch our breath and find some positive feelings again... only to pay $35 for a bean burrito and a fish taco. Yeah, everything at Heavenly is overpriced.

Heavenly's staff was very polite, but their customers are fairly rude. Snowboarders stood around and blocked the entry lines, the exit lines off the lifts, and generally parked themselves in the middle of the runs. Heavenly really needs to spend some time educating their customers and making it easier for them to stay off the path (like the nice benches Northstar has installed for boarders)

I tend to be forgiving of west coast ski resorts. If you grew up skiing those muddy, icy bumps on the east coast then everything on the west coast seems divine. But I simply can't think of a single thing that Heavenly does well. And at the prices they charge, it's absolutely not worth it. I might consider returning someday, assuming they provide some more useful series of runs, and halve their prices on everything.
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  • 19:08 Heaven is flat. No wait, sorry -- Heavenly is flat! Yeah, just the ski resort... paradise remains uphill. #
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