January 8th, 2010

Name my new baby!

So there's a new baby in our family. Well, new to us anyway ;-) Here she is, parked in front of my house.

She has a garage in the back for the bikes and storage. She's going to be hauling me back and forth to racetracks this year, and the whole family to RenFaire and vacations of sorts. We'll likely also take her to any convention where we can get RV parking and try to cut our hotel costs a bit.

So how do I need your help? She lost her name! I don't think "Out of Touch" is really her name. We need to find her real name.
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exhausting morning.

I knew I'd have a lot to learn with the rv, and I spent way too much time working through those issues this morning. Valve stem extenders and a replacement water release cap will be on short order.

Surprising is just how exhausting it is to drive this beast. People are stupid on the highway and this can really can't swerve or stop like one gets used to. And heavy winds do throw it around quite a bit. I've made it less than halfway to Fontana and I'm tired and want to sleep.

Worse yet, the FM transmitter I purchased for my Ipod is non-functional, so I'm desperately scanning radio stations for non-gospel. Ugh.

I just bought an Elizabeth Moon audiobook. I hope it's a lot more amusing.
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