December 28th, 2009

The frustrations of reviews.

I love writing and I love stories. And I love getting useful reviews and feedback on my stories. But I find myself very frustrated with requests to babysit people enough to write 1000 words to explain 100 relevant words.

At first I had lots of problems with delivery. Reviewers were very helpful with getting me to nail down the details well enough that everyone understands the story arc. Now it seems that every critique is just a list of the questions that any intelligent person might consider when reading the story. Yes, so I got you to this question clearly -- I succeeded, right? No, apparently not. Everyone wants 2000 words of exposition explaining every single character's motivations.

If I must explain every single detail, every motivation, every thought someone has ... what is that? It might be some form of art, but it's incredibly obvious and unsubtle art. And it is not interesting.

I don't live in a world where I understand every motivation going on around me. I don't expect to. And stories which explain every thought of every person bore the snot out of me. My stories are about real people, in real situations... where you never really know what every character's motivations were. These stories are engaging. Explaining every single detail, every motivation of every character is not.

I'm not going to change that.

And I'm going to leave out than more than half of the critiques contain scientific absurdities as criticism. Hm. It takes a ship nearly 900 years to reach a destination. If it is crippled on the way, why isn't it picked up by other ships traveling nearby... really? Really? OF COURSE , there must be hundreds of ships leaving every day for destinations a millennium distant. Doesn't everyone like to travel that way? *headdesk*
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