October 28th, 2009

may I have another year?

One year ago today (exactly as I write this message) a random contact began our first e-mail exchange with this comment:

I am not good at waiting - patience is a virtue I manufacture when I must, but always with a pout.

Fortunately, she was lying. Over the last year shodoshan has turned out to be one of the most patient, sympathetic and loving people I have ever met. She's also one of the smartest and sexiest people I know.

This e-mail exchange quickly evolved into a sushi dinner and a long walk in the park. Forward on over the weeks and she became a good friend and a lover. Over the next few months it continued to evolve until by June it was clear that she had become my partner in all things.

I've been blessed to have shodoshan in my life this year, and I hope to celebrate this day for many more years to come.
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