October 22nd, 2009

Postini bugs make them useless for Policy Enforcement

Postini, a wholly owned subsidiary of Google, is a global leader in
on-demand communications security, policy, and productions solutions.

Heh. So after trying to use the postini service for a few weeks now I'm going to have to call them out for being None Of The Above.

#1: There is a FATAL flaw in Postini's Quarantine. When outbound messages are quarantined by the Content Manager, only one recipient per domain gets a copy of the message.

For example, if the recipients of my e-mail are a@postini.com, b@postini.com, c@postini.com, a@google.com, b@google.com... when the message is approved, only a@postini.com and a@google.com receive the message. All other recipients are silently discarded.

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Conclusion: Postini might be useful for anti-spam, or attachment filtering, or something else we're not trying to do with them. But do not consider them a security company, or for use in policy compliance.
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