October 2nd, 2009

The new job whirlwind

So I totally love my new job. Besides working with a tightly focused team that gets things done quickly, it's a whopping 5 minute commute now. Oh, woe is me ;-)

Did I mention no end users to support any more? Yeah, sucks to be me. Or not.

However, besides the whirlwind of getting used to the new job a bunch of projects got accelerated in the last 48 hours so I've got dozens of deliverables in my first couple of days. Busy! But fun. More when I've had a chance to relax/settle down after the crazy weeks of wrapping up my work at SVcolo.

SiliCon is going to be a relax-a-con for me. By which I mean my goal will be to shake the tension out of my shoulders and RELAX this weekend. Wine will be involved I'm sure.
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