August 8th, 2009

conventions, party

Utter Fail: communicating with an editor

So I've always been very careful to avoid stalking editors, following them into bathrooms or trying to hand them manuscripts at conferences. I also never approach editors when they are having dinner with others or sitting at a table with a book or their laptop. They got business to do. I Get It, and would hate having that done to me.

Unfortunately today I apparently made a similar mistake without realizing it. I had an query for casacorona about a continuation of what had been a really interesting topic at a panel at the Phoenix Westercon. After the Editor/Writer panel where she and jaylake had interviewed each other, I saw her in the hallway and walked up and said hi and broached the topic.

Add to the list: an editor walking down the hallway after a panel might already be doing business again. Or something, because her response was crisp enough that I knew quite clearly both that this conversation was highly unlikely to occur, and don't bother sending her any manuscripts. I had clearly crossed the wrong line.

I'm not entirely certain what I did wrong, but approaching editors outside of panels is definitely off the list of things I'll be doing in the future.

Descending Pitch

I participated in an incredible panel called "First Contact" lead by Lawrence Schoen and Stanley Schmidt (executive editor of Analog). We split into two different species, invented our own languages and had a first contact situation.

Napping an hour after the panel the story Descending Pitch formed fully in my mind, but I'm too tired to write it all tonight. I got 357 words down before I set it aside and passed out for the night.