May 27th, 2009

Time for us to leave Silicon Valley?

Yesterday was not a good day to interact with me. I was deeply, deeply angry about the California Supreme Court's decision to allow a majority vote to strip rights from a minority. This is not a state I want to live in any more.

I'm wondering if perhaps it is time for enlightened people to provide an object lesson to California.

The tech industry that provides so much tax income for the state isn't here for any other reason than because it started here, and it congregates here. The truth is that the entire tech industry could move elsewhere. Yes, I'm saying that enlightened people should walk away from a state willing to be controlled by mob rule, and go to a place much more enlightened.

I mean, hello -- Iowa and Maine have demonstrated more clue.

So let's ask ourselves. Are you willing to move to someplace better? I would. I'd hate to leave California's beautiful parks and oceans. But if we could move...

We should consider leaving a large smoking hole where California's tech industry used to be. Drain california's brain power. Leave it to Hollywood and overcrowded cow pastures. Let's make an example that nobody will ever forget.

Note for those who say it wouldn't work: yes, it has and it can. New York alienated producers enough to create Hollywood. And seriously, what state wouldn't bend over backwards to give the Tech industry enough concessions to make it possible?

Let's do it. Let's choose a place. Let's go there, and let's make a lesson no state or country will ever forget.
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