May 10th, 2009

racing, motorcycle

3rd in Heavyweight Twins Superstock

I got a really poor start. Only by stuffing a few guys into turn 1 was I able to avoid being last. I passed a few heavy twins guys, then caught up to Darren right before he ran off the track. Finally I caught and passed Lazlo to take 3rd place. Not bad for a lightweight bike running in the big bike class.
racing, motorcycle

2nd in Lightweight Superstock

I made some suspension adjustments to try and find some grip. They helped which was good because Lazlo had really picked up his game. He got the holeshot. Neil and I diced for second, but he passed Lazlo and checked out. I considered my total lack of grip, decided I didn't have enough to chase him. I nursed the bike around and shadowed Lazlo until the last lap, did a block pass in the very last corner and came in 2nd.
racing, motorcycle

4th in Lightweight Superbike.

During the warmup lap I tested the superbike tires and found grip was just fine, so when the race started I dropped the hammer and ran. I was 4th into turn 1, passed Lazlo on the first lap and tried to track down Neil.

On the 3rd lap I went hot into turn one, overcooked and almost lost the front just like how I crashed in practice this morning. Lazlo was way behind me, I decided that finishing 4th was fine and ran around to bring it home safely.


  • 22:40 hot shower is the best kind of yummy goodness #
  • 10:43 i hate crashing. #
  • 14:09 bike cleaned up and back together. napping before first race. #
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