May 9th, 2009

racing, motorcycle

4th in Solo Endurance

I started on the 4th row, so a good start was essential. I got that, wheelied past the 3rd row and went past others on the brakes. I think I was maybe 5th or 6th into turn 1. Christine Coolie shot past me into turn 2 and took off like a lightning bolt. I was worried about keeping up with her, but she pulled off for a mechanical at the end of the first lap. Lexx Hartl passed me 2 laps later, but he crashed out a while later. I caught and passed Lazlo Romano, and then was stuck on my own for 16 laps.

Note to self: don't do an endurance race after 4 weeks with no exercise. Because of the soft tissue damage from the crash in Vegas, my doctor told me to avoid the gym until there was absolutely no pain. So that brought me to this race without a single day in the gym, a single bike ride, nothing. By the 19th lap it was everything I could do not to puke in my helmet.

All the real pleasure came after I had crawled off the bike and laid motionless for a half hour.

1. I got 4th place, which is better than expected.

2. I got $35 cash payment from this race.

3. The 1st lap is always slow -- from a dead stop on the grid. My second lap was .1 of a second slower than my fastest lap EVER on this track. The remaining 18 laps were all faster than I have ever gone here before, with a fastest lap of 2:02.0 -- 4.8 seconds faster than ever before. Sweet.
racing, motorcycle

mumblings to self.

Going nearly 5 seconds faster than I've ever gone before at this track was a real pleasure. A mindnumbingly good surprise, and more than enough to let me totally forget about the nausea at the end of the race. Perhaps even better was the times I did on the last 3 laps where I was just rotating and trying not to puke in my helmet. I thought they would be 2:10s. They were 2:04s... 2-2.8 seconds than my fastest pace here ever before. Yowie. Apparently I was ready for this.

All of these changes are likely due to the excellent job of revalving my forks that Jim @ Catalyst Reaction Systems did. I don't think it's possible to pay them enough for the great work they've done.

Having gotten good sleep the night before, and the night before that, really helped I'm sure. I'm glad my life is (usually) making that possible.


  • 14:28 about to go out for 20-lap solo endurance race #
  • 15:32 I am become Nausea #
  • 15:33 6th. maybe 5th. god only knows. #
  • 15:34 moral to story: don't do endurance without having exercised in 28 days. #
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