April 10th, 2009


crashed the superbike

I followed one of the fast guys out of the fast sweeper and followed his line through the u-turn. Coming into the slow right-hand uturn he crashed. I got on the brakes to avoid hitting him and lost the front at ~85mph. Sliding was no problem but when I hit the dirt I started to flip. Ouch.

The superbike is mostly okay - I need left footpeg and shift lever bar. I got pretty lucky that way.

For now I'm just relaxing and waiting for the abrasian pain to stop.
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How I'm doing.

I wrote up a very nice piece about how I hurt and how I felt, and ... well, my phone couldn't seem to publish it to LJ and I wanted a bit of a nap rather than rewrite it. So now I'm writing it from a restaurant where I'm grabbing a meal.

I'm okay, but I've been better. Although I have a high tolerance for pain I really don't enjoy it.

A) when I was flipping I landed each time on my left arm. It's covered with cuts and abrasions. Inside the leather suit even, let's not discuss how bad it would be if the suit came off.

B) My right foot got tweaked something fierce. I think it's the tendon on the inside of the foot stretching the entire length. Walking sucks.

C) Something in my lower left back hurts. I think it's a muscle which goes down my leg. I don't feel it often, but if I roll onto my let, or try to stand up with my left leg ... it hurts like the dickens. Also fun when leveraging my body from the left side of the bike back over to the right. Ouch.

Okay, done whining. I took 2 hours off to relax and ice the foot, then went back on the track with my Superstock bike for the last two sessions. Even with the pain, I got within 1 second of my fastest time this morning, and was the second fastest person in the session (not many of us). So I'm not hopeless for tomorrow, but I did lose the entire afternoon improving my riding here.
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oil you up, baby

When the team whose guy crashed in front of me went out to check out the track, they found a clear patch of oil on the track -- and could identify where he hit it, crashed, and then I hit it and crashed. So it wasn't my fault after all.

It still sucks.
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