March 27th, 2009

sold my ex500 bikes

This is actually old news, but I sold off the ex500 superbike and street bike I had. Someone gave me a good enough offer for the entire lot of bikes and parts, so I let them all go. Too many projects, too little time.

I'm very glad to have the garage space back.
racing, motorcycle

preparing for the 2009 racing season

Yes, I did my time off the bikes. Now it's time to go racing! Unfortunately, I haven't done *any* of the prep work so I'm down to 3 days to tear the bikes down, sand them to oblivion and repaint them from scratch. Oy!

Last night I got the front fairing and fender of the superbike sanded down. Man that Flintstones look was cool, but it's a pain in the tail to sand off.

Tonight I got the lower fairing and the tail section sanded down, so I'm almost done removing the faux stone motif from the bike. After I sand down the sides of the front fairing, I have to sand everything again with a finer grint, then prime and paint.

I did get the Vesrah SRJL brake pads installed, thankfully. I didn't get the Trailtech digital computer installed, but I figured out where it's going to mount and what other questions I need to ask.


1. Finish sanding down edges of front fairing by hand
2. Sand down the sides of the front fairing
3. Go over all pieces with 600-grit sandpaper
4. Spray all pieces down with primer
5. Tape off number plate areas
6. Spray first coat of white paint on number areas (wait)
7. Spray second coat of white paint on number areas (wait)
8. Remove tape, re-tape to cover number plate areas carefully
9. Spray first coat of (choose-a-color) paint over all pieces (wait)
10. Spray first coat of (choose-a-color) paint over all pieces (wait)

Repeat/duplicate steps 1-10 with Superstock bike

After all that, I need to:

1. Change oil/filter in both bikes
2. Flush water in both bikes
3. Lube chain in both bikes
4. Put 47 tooth sprocket on superbike for Monday testing
5. Drill GPR bracket on opposite side for mounting plate sideways
6. Drill GPR bracket with the correct holds for Trailtech computer
7. Install trailtech computer
8. Install battery wire
9. Install tachometer
10. Clip or crimp fuel and neutral light wires to trailtech lightboard

Well, so I'm going to be in my garage ALL WEEKEND. You want to see me, drop on by!