December 27th, 2008

A charity which would benefit from VHS tapes?

Are there any charities out there which would benefit from VHS tapes? I am finally giving up and cleaning out my entire collection. At this point all I have left are the really good and/or fun movies - I gave away all the B movies at BASFA over the year.

I can obviously bring to BASFA for Kevin and others to fund BASFA with. But I'm wondering if there are any charities which would be happy to have them.

There are about 70 movies total, including action/popular such as

Indiana Jones trilogy
Star Wars trilogy
das Boot
The Crow
Muppet Treasure Island

Horror films such as

Hellraiser 1 & 2
The Prophecy 1 & 2
Dusk til Dawn 1 & 3 (2 wasn't properly part of the series)

And film treasures such as

Dangerous Liasons
Antonia's Line
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