November 1st, 2008

racing, motorcycle

4th in Solo Endurance

I spent morning practice with my head in my tail, barely reaching the times I had in April. Christie was running a second and a half faster.

By contrast, every lap in the solo endurance race was faster than any I did in practice. I dropped three full seconds and did the final ten laps at this pace.

Unfortunately Lex (the only person who could beat me in Formula2 championship) was doing another 3 seconds a lap faster, so unless I find some real speed tomorrow I've got little chance of beating him.

2nd place was Michael Aquino who I beat at Buttonwillow by a hundreth of a second. If I can find one more second I can likely hold him off tomorrow.

3rd was a new guy just barely faster than me. He's going to be a battle tomorrow either way.