September 21st, 2008

racing, motorcycle

xr100 engine seized, crashed. Borrowed bike, crashed that too.

So I was lapping around easily, slowly breaking in the brand new/rebuilt engine in the xr100 when I lost the rear going into a corner. Lost the rear going in? Weird. I picked the bike up and it turns out the engine had seized. Frag, there goes my race weekend.

So I did a few sessions on the Derbi 2-stroke just to get some time in on the bike, then I packed up. But before heading home I borrowed a friend's 200cc bike for a few laps. And crashed it in turn 1 on the second lap. I don't know how, but I hit hard parts leaning in to the corner and it lifted the front end.

The bike landed on my foot, so I'm limping around today too.