September 17th, 2008

I am amnesia man!

It's so very odd. When I signed up for facebook it of course asks about your high school. The net effect of this is that all these people from my high school have been friending me on Facebook.

Unfortunately, I had a mohawk and was in general a fairly colorful character in high school. So a lot of the people who have been contacting me knew *of* me, but didn't actually know me. No worries there.

The really odd thing is that some of the people contacting me know me pretty well. They shared multiple classes with me, they remembered my lovers from high school, they remembered parties we attended together... and I can't remember them at all.

This is bizarre to me, because in my mind I have really strong, clear memories of that time of my life. Granted that it was fun sometimes but an overall painful period of my life, long before I learned how to relax and enjoy myself (still learning that). So I guess letting those memories fade makes sense, it just confuses me.

And of course now I'm offending most of these people by not friending them back. Ugh. But honestly Virginia and that area in particular is surprisingly right-wing, and even many of the punks I knew in school are right wing now. Are these the kind of people who I want to have access to my sometimes overly TMI posts? Not really. And I doubt their lives would be enriched by it either. Or so I keep telling myself.
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