August 31st, 2008

racing, motorcycle

notable moments from the morning session

it's been fun all morning but the best and worst moments respectively were:

* taking a 6-pack of 600cc riders in 3 consecutive turns, including going around the last one in a 120mph corner.

* losing the front in a tight-but-fast 90mph corner and sliding both wheels 10 feet out and onto the candy stripe on the exit.

fun stuff.

Superstock failed, rain started -- left early

My first lap out after lunch the Superstock bike started tossing me around mid-corner, like the gas was shutting off and on again. I came in and the bike wouldn't even idle. There was a new oil leak near the head too.

Just as I pulled off my leathers and grabbed my tools, it started to rain. So I called it a day, packed up and headed home. Good enough.
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