August 30th, 2008

racing, motorcycle

Too much time on my Knees

Unfortunately, my "destroy a knee puck in a single day" effort from California Speedway was not a fault of the kneepuck, but instead an effect of my current harder riding style. This morning started with a brand new puck of my favorite kind (because they used to last for months), and ended with something down to a few millimeters and the stables holding it to the fabric pretty much worn through.


So I'm snuggled up happy in my favorite... er, the *only* Wifi cafe near Tooele, watching a fabulous lightning show going on outside. I grew a bit older in the Midwest (saying "grew up" would likely garner laughter) and I miss good old-fashioned lightning and thunder storms. No thunder of note, but the lightning is fantastic.

After downing some Ibuprofen and napping, the random non-focused pain feeling has disappeared. I did the maintenance on the bike, showered and ran off to find food. I look forward to sleeping like a baby tonight.
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