June 7th, 2008

racing, motorcycle

Having fun in practice

Friday was a lot of fun in practice. In the very first session I got my bearings and up to pace. I floundered a bit trying to improve in the second session, but really picked it up in the third session. I've totally got Dreamboat nailed (my achilles heal last year) and found a good turn point in the fast sweeper. I'm carrying more speed in First Attitude and railing through Tooele Corner. (see map)

My lap times were sadly about 7 seconds off where I was hoping to be, but that actually had me in the middle of the experts. I think everyone was a little off due to the gusty winds. We'll see how it plays out on Sunday.
racing, motorcycle

No riding for me today

It rained all last night and finally stopped at 6am this morning. Normally I would go ahead and ride on the wet track, but (a) there's only one practice session today and (b) there's no advantage. I don't need to work on lines or smoothness, I only need to work on keeping the throttle open longer in Sunset, Scream and Club House. You can't work on harder, faster entry on a wet track.

(if it was going to rain tomorrow for the mains I would totally practice, but every weather prediction is sunny sunny sunny)
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