May 5th, 2008

Woke up in my own bed

After about a month of chaos in the hallways, we finally moved the bed into place last night and brought the furniture back into the room. So I got to sleep in my own bed last night, yum!

Hm... anyone up for a weekday evening bedroom party? Pillow-fights, yay!
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That girl can ride!

I took luckinspades and jadecat9 out for their first rides through the hills behind Woodside yesterday. luckinspades was my bitch, and jadecat9 was riding her Ninja 250. We took it nice and easy, letting everyone get used to riding together.

We went up King's Grade, down Skyline to Alice's, then dropped down 84, trhough the Testing Zone, and back through Pescadero up 84 to Alice's again. By the time we were going up 84 Jade was cooking with grease ;-) We started the day at a lazy pace, but she kept getting faster so I kept upping the pace. We ended at what most riders would call a "spirited" pace. (B+ or thereabouts)

Damn, it took me almost a year on the bike to get going that fast... and jadecat9 does it in a single day. I'm so jealous.