April 10th, 2008


I'm starting to feel like I'm not only not succeeding, but perhaps downright failing to make the changes I want to make it my life.

Short of STOP! and just checking out for a week or two, I'm really not sure what to do.

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Defeating yourself in true San Francisco style.

You know, I kindof blindly held out hope that San Franciscans would look at the physical attacks in London and Paris and shy away from that kind of nonsense. Yeah, blind hope.

I don't know what all of you guys saw on the news last night, but friends of mine downtown reported that self-defeaters were physically attacking a bus carrying torch runners in it, and that other self-defeaters laid down in front of the bus and prevented it from moving forward. That another group of self-defeaters locked arms and tried to physically block the road the bus (and later the torch) were supposed to travel down.

You'll notice I didn't call them protesters, I called them self-defeaters. Why? Because the only thing they succeeded at was forcing the city to move the torch run to another place.

Effect? The news coverage of the torch run did *not* include any of the protesters. Great job!

If they had not taken this kind of drastic action, the torch would have run the original path and the news coverage would have included all of the protesters against China's action. This could have had a positive effect on the public viewpoint.

Instead, they ruined the event for a lot of people and likely only annoyed the same audience they were hoping to convince.

And by the way, don't physically strike someone and claim you're doing it for the Dali Lami. Um, he preaches non-violence, see?