February 8th, 2008

Final day in Mexico

Sorry for the lack of good postings. Today is our final full day in Mexico. We're hoping to skip up to a small town north of here, away from the tourist zone and chill out a bit.

With one exception (no water water one evening), it's been a fantastic week. I am happy and much refreshed.

Rumor has it that my kitchen is painted and they're laying down the tile floor today. Woo-hoo!

Dining on the Rio Cuale

Last night we went down to the River Cafe, a nice diner joint with live jazz in the evenings. We had an apple salad, wild mushroom soup, and duck for the main entree. Dinner was excellent, the service was fantastic, and the jazz was good.

During the jazz event, the local players had an audience member come up and sing a few songs. Turns out this was a familiar voice from a hit pop song in the past. But I just can't remember his name right now, sorry!
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