December 9th, 2007

Adventures on Witch Beach

This morning I woke up early to meet Pam for breakfast, then wandered down to Playa Bruja based on a recommendation. It's the end of the long stretch of beach in front of the resorts. I grabbed a Pacifico from the sole restaurant, then rambled out over the rocks to watch the waves splash in. Now I'm usually all about standing far out on the rocks, but for unknown reasons I climbed up the very steep face of the hill and wandered around on goat trails at the top. I was rewarded with a spectacular view as I rotated around. It did require keeping eyes and ears open, and random thrashing in the bushes convinced me that something wild lived here, and the copious amounts of snake skins left on the ground reminded me to be noisy as I walked.

After stopping for Lobster and Shrimp combination (spectacular) I headed back into town for one last shopping binge. And oh, binge I did. I can't mention all the cool things I bought because so many of them are gifts, but I negotiated a pair of leather pants down to $75.

By the time the shops closed up, I was tired, sore, and burdened with 3 full bags so I took the bus back to the resort, crashed out for an hour, then showered changed and went back for my final night on the town.

Smooth Jazz and Wild Party

Based on the recommendation from one of the jazz quartet the previous night, I wandered down the golden zone to a small Cuban restaurant (Lucio's?). I found it by the sound of the french horn wafting through the air. I got to hang out with the horn player over dinner, and listen to him pretty much hold down the entire show one handed. It was brilliant.

Unfortunately, while the food was absolutely fabulous, the only reason I didn't walk out of the place was because of the great music I was enjoying. 8 minutes to order a drink, nearly 20 minutes before I could place a meal order, and another 10 minutes after that before the drink arrived. And the place was half empty. So yes, I can totally recommend the food - great meal, jazz music was awesome.

Afterwards I met up with some cannucks I had hung out with earlier in the week, and we were going back to Joe's Oyster Shack when we got derailed. Our taxi driver absolutely insisted that we could not possibly leave Mexico without seeing the wild Mexican girls, and brought us across town at no charge to his favorite strip joint. Ole, that was a sociology experiment all by itself.