November 23rd, 2007

The day that never ended.

After work wednesday I flew down to Phoenix, then took the last shuttle out to Prescott Valley to visit with (my father's side of the) family.

The day started with breakfast with my cousin Ricky and his wife Shelley and three adorable puppies. Family started arriving soon after, and I went a wonderful complete day with Judy, her boy (sorry!), Jamie, Edith, Tom and many others I am already forgetting. It was good to see everyone.

The second part of the day started after the return shuttle ride, catching up with jkhedron. We checked out his new digs, spun a round in the hot tub, then stumbled out for an ill-fated attempt to find edible food on Turkey Day in Phoenix. After a last desperate gasp we landed in Tempe at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, which was not only edible but surprisingly good. A band was playing, but wasn't annoying and even proved entertaining.

We basically blew off the rest of the night and wanked about everything from boys to toys, demonstrative tech and emotional wrecks. It was a sweet, light evening and the very best of company.
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