November 11th, 2007

Kudos to rain-riders jadecat9 and kilah_hurtz

Yesterday jadecat9 and kilah_hurtz and I had plans to go back to city college and do some more smoothing out development. However, by the time they arrived it was raining pretty hard. I tried to encourage them that riding in the rain was good practice, but I really expected them to bail.

Well, they didn't. They did ride, and kept riding even when it started raining really hard. And got better. (and faster which comes with confidence) They're both already better riders than half the people I see on the highway every day.

jadecat9 in particular is now really smooth on the take off (no stalling ALL DAY EVER) and is developing a really good tactile relationship with the bike. She's going to be really good at riding, given how good her perception ability is developing.

kilah_hurtz is a lot faster out the door, and more willing to push himself, but is having trouble with left hand/right hand smooth integration - we abused his arm until he could barely use it. I think he's going to learn a lot like me -- pick up bits fast, but need to take time to integrate it.

Afterwards we dried out, drank wine and ate Indian food. A most excellent day, great company and the best send-off for the week I could imagine.
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In Dallas, staring at network flow traces

So last night I ran over to the airport and flew to Dallas at a god-unearthed hour. Had breakfast with friends and finally got a room and went and crashed in it.

I'm back up now, in a tutorial on tracing network flows. Sadly, it's a basic "what is" instead of the "great things we do with this" it was labeled as.
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