October 17th, 2007

Delicious Night.

Okay, I'm not sure that it's possible to have a better night.

I visited my masseuse, then my chiropractor. Then I had dinner at Absinthe, a delicious little restaurant in Hayes Valley. Yum.

My companion for the evening was britgeekgrrl and accordingly we wandered from topic to topic, place to place. The follibles of humans and the wonders of Daleks... or was it the wonders of humans and the follibles of Daleks? No nevermind, twas a wonderful night.

Wines of the evening was Everett Ridge Sauvignon Blanc, Ceago Merlot Rose, and a paired set of desert wines, Azsu? a Turkish Desert Wine and a wonderful Tawny port whose heritage I have regretfully forgotten.

It was a beautiful evening, one which I shall never forget. I am humming its tunes even now. Yum.
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conventions, party

Seeking SWF...

No, not Single White Female although they could be, it's just not the criteria. I'm not sure what SWF means but right now I like Singularity Worshiping Friend. Although Sincerely Wonked Fan ain't bad either, nor is Science Wanking Fan. Silly stuff.

Alrightly, here's the Ad:

Seeking SWF (Singularity Worshiping Friend) age 30-60 preferrably. Must like coffee, tea, wine or beer. Must read lots of hard science fiction books and/or enjoy seeing science fiction movies. Must be prepared for many long hours of wanking about with no real purpose debating the merits of Daleks and Cybermen, and whether they deserve a springtime or not.

If interested, please send a review of the latest book you have read. Serious reviews with no wanking will be rejected with contempt. Interview will happen in a movie theatre of your choice, at a showing of a good SF movie.

Must be prepared to commit at least 1 night a month at a cafe or bar wanking over Science Fiction topics. Interest in seeing SF movies together definitely a plus.
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racing, motorcycle

Will probably skip the final AFM race.

So I'm packed up and heading to sleep now, but it appears I may very well return Thursday night or Friday sometime. I completely drained the oil, changed the filter, put in fresh oil... and the bike remains difficult to shift.

Going fast on motorcycles is all about being smooth. Easy, clean movements. Trying to slam your foot down on the shift lever while you're hanging off the side of the bike... isn't smooth.