September 14th, 2007

The odd effects of lacking sleep.

So due to lots of stress and lots of latenight work on PantheaCon database, I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately. This used to be a "way of life" for me, but this year I've been a lot better about it - until now.

What is interesting is that I am observing more about my emotional and physical reactions to lack of sleep.

Of note... the less I sleep, the faster I wake and the more energy I have. But it runs out during the day. I dunno why I would wake easier and harder with less sleep. Very confusing.

Physical reaction time sucks. This worries me, because I'm leaving for 4 days at the racetrack. But I've noticed that more "accidents" are happening that are due to lack of reaction. It's a normal failure -- my hand brushes something, it falls over kind of stuff. But I seem both less likely to avoid the accidental brush (coordination) and less likely to catch it before it crashes to the floor and shatters (response time). It's like I'm mentally snoozing.

Finally, I think I'm just floating barely above *STRESS*. Because even very small things make me cuss. I have no reserve, no puddle of coolness to wash myself in emotionally. That sucks.
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