August 7th, 2007

Point 3 slipped past with me noticing!

Last week I said this:
Okay, so my milestones for reaching a fun, relaxing neighborhood in Bayview are:

1. Get light rail installed and working * Completed, April 2007.
2. Get a breakfast joint I can stroll down to and enjoy * Completed, August 2007.

The next milestone I'll probably see this fall...
3. Have a local coffee shop/hangout joint

Well yesterday jaylake called my attention to Walkscore a place that rates neighborhoods by things you can walk to. Okay, so my neighborhood is 77/100 but more importantly, I found out that someone snuck a coffee shop in without me noticing!

This morning I stopped at this coffe shop - Roadhouse Coffee. It's a very nice place with good coffee, a nice selection of pastries and even bagel breakfast sandwiches. There were big comfy chairs to sit in, cute tables and a very nice staff.

Notable is that in a neighborhood where it used to be common to order your food through a gated window, they didn't make me pay until I was ready to leave. In fact, it was almost spanish in that I had to chase someone down to get a total. Sweeeeet.

Alright, we're almost there. Only one last bullet point for the neighborhood: a restaurant with chairs on the sidewalk. I'm not holding my breath... yet.
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