June 17th, 2007

racing, motorcycle

Perfect day but slow

Moto Vacation Day 7

Worried about registration line, I wandered down an hour early and was first in line. Best Decision Ever.

Parts I needed arrived an hour before my first practice, so I was able to leisurely replace the broken pegs and lever.

The only downer was my slow pace. I had a hard time finding reference points, and need to find better ones tomorrow.
racing, motorcycle

Easy day

Moto Vacation Day 8

I found some more time this morning, down to 2:23s.

After that first practice I had the entire day off, since I wasn't doing the endurance race. I stayed and watched it, then went to hang out with my cousin Lynn and her kids for the evening.
racing, motorcycle

Finding my way

Moto Vacation Day 9

I found more time this morning. 1.5 seconds in the first practice. Then every lap of the 2nd practice was under that time, with a new low 2:21.

Now I'm hanging out waiting for my first race...