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June 12th, 2007

1st Place / Trophy Dash

Moto vacation days 1 & 2 were spent at Stockton, practicing then racing on small bikes.

I was good for first or second in two classes. In Mod Thunder I crashed out of 3rd trying to pass for 2nd. Rejoined in 9th and crawled back to 4th.

Same cast in trophy dash, second chance. This time I made it to first after a long battle. Its nice to have a real win :-)

new suspension, fastest lap ever

Moto Vacation Day 3

Up at Thunderhill for 3 days of practice. Spent today adjusting to new Penske shock. As we got it right I got faster. At the end of the day I did a 2:08.4 which is 1.7 seconds faster than I've ever done here...

...right off the track

Moto Vacation Day 4

This morning I was working on corner entry - getting a downshift done near the turn in, and I lost the front and slid off the track. Very easy lowside - only damaged the skins, clutch lever and shift pedal. So I was back on track after lunch.

But I'm annoyed with myself for the crash, and will spend all tomorrow trying to relax on the bars...