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May 23rd, 2007

You are all going to the wrong place...

See, you'all are all counting down correctly but you're going to the wrong place, see? *giggle* Okay, I'm just tired of reading all the prep talk for the wrong event...

So you're all panicky and thinking you might die if you get something wrong... consider this!

  • Send forks to Zoran for rebuild

  • Reinstall forks

  • Reinstall front wheel

  • Remove speedo sensor, install spacer

  • Drill holes in fairing bracket big enough for djus fasteners

  • Replace rear sprocket with 46 tooth

  • Remount left side rearset

  • Send steering damper to Evolution for rebuild

  • Get steering damper back, reinstall

  • Get replacement o-rings for clutch cover

  • Change oil

  • Pack

  • Drive to Fontana