May 11th, 2007

Nice day in Reno

So I hauled my bike up to Reno for Zoran to build the engine out. It was a nice relaxing day that managed to turn out a bit of a bummer.

Mid day I took off to walk the dogs, and had a nice hour browsing around the Virginia Lake up there, enjoying being outdoors and relaxed.

Turns out that we didn't have the throttle cable and a few other parts for the flatside carbs, so we had to put the stock carbs back on. But we upgraded the cams and replaced the chain and removed a bunch of irrelevant (for a racebike) hoses, as well as part of the clutch which needed improvement.

But near the end of the day Zoran was looking at my shock setup and found that the idiots who sold me the Ohlins shock had lied to me, and my spring was way too soft. Which was why I couldn't get the geometry right without spinning the rear up.

So now there's even more money to spend, which I don't have. But at least I know what's wrong.
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