April 15th, 2007

racing, motorcycle

3rd place in Formula 2

I had just passed bike #77 for 2nd place when the race was red flagged.

On the restart I had to swerve around a bike which had stalled. Bike #77 got a much better start and I had to drag him back in. But this time he'd improved in my passing spot, and I couldn't make a pass stick before the finish line...
racing, motorcycle

3rd place in Light Twins

I got an even worse start for this race, but I reeled in and passed bike #77 for a solid third in Lightweight Twins. Unfortunately 1st and 2nd place were faster than I could go today.

3 third place results, with 2 trophies and $20 cash ain't bad for my first race on the SV...

now for the 9 hour drive home...