March 15th, 2007

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Tits on Tank (another ellipses of the soul)

After an exhausting weekend of practice at Buttonwillow, and a slight cold I picked up on top of that, I didn't imagine that I was in for some heavy pushing Tuesday and Wednesday at Infineon. Instead, I decided to back off and instead focus on body position again -- specifically, getting lower on the bike and staying lower. Tits on tank

I went out the first session and practiced. It felt good, but I noticed that I was pushing the front a bit. I was still going slow, what's up? So we added some preload to the front and I went back out. Still going slow, front is better but still pushing.

*wait* I wasn't going slow. Senses were wrong. According to my lap timer I just clocked a tenth of a second faster than I had ever gone at Infineon before (on the SV). Wow, all my senses were off.

We ran out of preload adjustment on the front, so we tried various compromises with the rear suspension but nothing really paid off. I did an emergency run down to San Jose where Evolution Suspension had the strongest rated springs in stock, and we rebuilt the front end Wednesday morning.

All better, going faster, right? Uh... not so much. I was back within a second, but this was my 7th day on these tires and they really started to give it up on me. I rode around and did convincingly consistent lap times about 2 seconds off my best pace trying to manage the tires. But by 4pm I was losing the rear everywhere, and had to give it up and come in.

It's hard to leave a 2-day event like this, with a major upgrade like that, and not have some nice new lower lap time to show for it. I do feel stronger, and I did get some things worked out, but it's all vaguely unsatisfying. We'll have to see what we have at Buttonwillow next Friday.

No pain... maybe gain?

So the contractor I had sued for taking off with my money without finishing the job appealed the court verdict. So I was back in court today for that.

But surprising to me -- he didn't show up. So the original verdict was vacated, and I got to restate my case to the new judge without any defense present. I went over the situation and the exhibits, and got out of there at a reasonable time.

Obviously there's a risk that the new judge will rule against me, but I doubt it. And before I left he asked me about incidental costs, such as parking and time off ... which is probably a really good sign. Here's to hoping (fingers crossed)
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