February 3rd, 2007

Let's celebrate!

I got an unexpected bonus at work on Friday. It was fairly lavish, but given that Friday's working day was ~18 hours long I didn't feel guilty by the end of the day.

This morning cmdrsuzdal went with me to The Elite Cafe to celebrate with brunch, followed by a wonderful stroll through some of the prettier parts of Golden Gate Park. We spent more time than we had allocated, so both of us ended up rushing off to catch up on our days but it was otherwise indolent and satisfying.

I spent most of the day writing checks to catch up on overdue bills, then ran off to pick up a generator I found for ridiculously cheap. It's too loud, but not too bad and at $170 it's a steal compared to the $1200 Honda which is much quieter but not within my budget.

On the way home I picked up more sandpaper and throwaway brushes to use on the Derbi bodywork, and now basically I have all of the tools and no excuses to get some serious work done on the bike fairings tomorrow.
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