January 31st, 2007

Google sending spam.

I received the following e-mail from Google today:

From: obrienb@google.com
Subject: Attn Jo Rhett
Date: January 31, 2007 10:40:44 AM PST
To: ipadmin@svcolo.com

Hi Jo, my name is Bonnie O'Brien and I am a recruiter for Google. Our
group, the Global Infrastructure Group, here in Mountain View, California,
has openings for Peering Coordinators. I am reaching out to you as an
expert in the field, to see if you, or someone you could recommend, would be
interested in learning more about this opportunity. I am including a job
There's more, but nothing unexpected there. Okay, this would be fine but for two small problems.

1. I have an online resume with an e-mail address specifically designated for Job Offers. They didn't send e-mail to that address.

2. The e-mail was addressed to the ARIN whois-listed role account of my employer.

Besides being really dumb, that's incredibly bad policy for Google. What have they told me?

A. They didn't address the offer to me, based on research. I was a random target.

B. They (ab)used the WHOIS database to do their work for them *AND* violated US and California anti-spam laws in the process. An online resume with an e-mail address is an invitation, ARIN records for IP registration data is explicitly not.

It's a damn shame, because I have a large number of people trying to get me to come work for Google. And the offer is really tempting in various ways. This kind of behavior makes it exceedingly less attractive.
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Final run on domain name

Latest Update: I'm down to two contenders -- evenly matched with ranked choice voting of 2 for prefer 1 for okay.

fastlizardracing.com (8 votes)
velociracing.com (8 votes)

Contenxt: "velociraptor" means "fastlizard"

All variants of com/net/org/us are available for both of these domains.

Any last votes? Any further thoughts?
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