January 30th, 2007

The List

One bag of hard candy, for the kids
A bowl of blackberries, freshly picked
Award ribbons on the wall, dusty
A plastic dart gun, crushed
An old white t-shirt, stained in blood
Brown leather suitecase, burnt and shredded
A 1972 Barretta 9mm, oiled and cleaned

There is no future here. Just echoes. Patterns that one can ignore, and amuse. Mere shadows.

Don't look at the foundation. Don't run your fingers along the structures. Ignore the engravings. Please pass along. Don't read The List.
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Opinions on domains names?

I want to put all my motorcycle stuff in its own domain name. Unfortunately

velociraptor.com is taken, as are all of the useful variants.

What do you guys/gals think of the following domain names?


Here are some variants that I'm not fond of, because they invite misspellings that will go elsewhere. But all variants of these are available.

velociraptorrr.com (rr = Road Racing)

I'm sure there are other variants. Any opinions.